KinFolk Yoga is a neighborhood studio.  Our studio was created with you in mind. Our warm, clean studio provides a safe place for you to find community, to heal, and to grow. We have created an inviting studio that is accessible to all with an intimate atmosphere for locals and visitors to unwind. Whether you are a newbie or have practiced for years, we are committed to offering a variety of yoga classes to meet your needs and to provide guidance, encouragement and inspiration along the way. We believe in making yoga an affordable and sustainable method of self care. Located in the heart of Grass Valley with Nevada City/Grass Valley's historic architecture from 1860. Your Community. Your Yoga.


RETURNING TO TEACH    (from a stool)

The last Sunday in June I was injured. I miss yoga postures like they were friends. I long for Child's pose. Child's pose is my privacy. It's a space I can trust that I am intimate with myself. It is a pose that is the doorway into my yoga that opens the door in or home.  I miss Downdog the way that I feel pulled into a space larger than myself, anchored yet rising like a mountain. I haven't been able to stand on two feet but in Downdog I can stand on FOUR. The medicine of an injury is the deep inquiry into who you are when things fall apart. And as Shari Williams told me,"…it is a fertile time as it is challenging." I had to leave our County and be taken care of by my parents, who were fortunately willing. I have had to ask for help in every corner of my life. To be broken (temporarily) effects your body, mind, spirit, finances, relationships, vacation plans (ha ha), ALL of it. Ganesha may be the remover of obstacles, but he also creates obstacles for us to move through. Therefore, as Shari said on the subject of elephants, "KEEP YOUR EARS UP!" Hope to see you soon. - Mandy



Steven took some time off teaching to spend time and to care for his family. We appreciate all the love that was poured into him and his family. Steven is now back teaching his Friday morning Vinyasa class. Missed him? We did too. So happy that he is returning to teach.




Ericardo is the most recent teacher at Kinfolk and teaches Tantra Yoga. Classes are guided through specific sequences with a relaxing focus.