Our inspiration is to share Yoga in ways that are meaningful to you energetically and spiritually.  Kinfolk Yoga is also uniquely grounded in preventing yoga injuries so that you can continue your practice for the rest of your life – we approach yoga not from what’s trendy, but from what’s sacred and sustainable .




Faster Anusara yoga weaves a philosophy of heart-expanding, life-affirming intrinsic goodness with an elegant set of biomechanical principles. Students are supported to explore steadfastness and more freedom in their practice. This class teaches precise therapeutic alignment and movement with a healthy dose of playfulness, creativity and kindness that welcomes everyone. Leave feeling restored, balanced, and refreshed.


Yep! Just like that Lionel Richie song, we've got some sweet sultry moves to sooth you into your Sunday morning. We're giving you a reason to wake up early(ish) to celebrate the day. This all-levels class incorporates delicious asana, transformative breath work, imaginative meditation experiences and restorative rest. Gather with your community to create potent circuities in the body, and settle in so to flourish for the week ahead!




This flowing style yoga class is slower paced. Focuses on classic postures and correct alignment in the body. Practice with a renewed sense of focus and commitment.




This class is designed for participants looking for modified, supported, gentle flow yoga yoga class. This class will be more basic in nature, postures will be more foundational with emphasis on breath, alignment, and unwinding tension. Typically classes will end with a few restorative postures. Appropriate for all ages and abilities.



Kula Yoga  is a creative full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga. These innovative classes are best for students seeking a yoga practice that enhances awareness, inner/outer strength, fluidity and movement meditation.  Kula is the sanskrit word for community. With you in mind, each class offers a love of sequencing, poetry and the energetics needed for the class on any giving day. This class will offer options for both newer to yoga and experienced practitioners alike; please honor your experience as you test your edges in this class. This class is best suited to intermediate/advanced students.


Para Yoga (Supreme or Transcendent Yoga) is a style of Tantric Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga which integrates a broad range of practices into a seamless whole. Practices will incorporate dynamic, flowing and meditative sequences, stillness, pranayama, meditation, visualization, mantra and other traditional yogic techniques to be energetically powerful and balancing. Through intention, skillful sequencing, and cultivating deeper awareness, Para Yoga brings about the transformation and awakening of the aspirant to their fullest potential.



This class is about getting your body moving! It is potent alignment-oriented practice that emphasizes the forms and actions within yoga postures. Classes progressively and safely sequence towards adhikara (devoted studentship) and draws upon a wide range of postures that build strength, flexibility, and refined awareness in body and mind. This class is perfect for those who want a more athletic and cardiovascular practice.


Restorative Yoga is a series of supportive poses that allows your body to renew and heal. It is slow, deeply nurturing and suitable for all ages and abilities. With the aid of props, soothing music, guided meditation and long, comfortable holds you are allowing for a gentle opening in the body.  A consistent  practice of restorative yoga will make your body less vulnerable to stress-related illnesses and help you achieve optimal health. This practice aims to balance the nervous system, and achieve deep relaxation. Come shed the stresses of daily life and discover a more relaxed you.  


As the names says, RISEnSHINE! These 7:30am hour classes are a great way to start your day. When your schedule only allows 60 minutes it's a perfect yoga class for balancing life's demands, while taking some "you" time. The sequences are shorter, but features alignment based sequences of asanas, breath work, and still with a moment to absorb and rest in savasana.


Think of the beauty that occurs at sunset. This twilight magic time is the perfect backdrop for this grounded and fluid yoga class with attunment to awakening new levels of awareness through asanas. With an interest in the energetic principles of the asanas, subtle anatomy, and intimate work with the breath, this class is carefully and creatively structured. It invites students to enter their practice with devotion, courage, and ease, staying present with the here-and-now.  


This class is taught with a particular flavor that each teacher brings to it. Vinyasa classes have the intention to build strength and stamina in the body and mind and strikes a balance between flowing movements and longer holds. Postures are linked with the breath facilitate opening and release by working at their own pace. Foster a deeper connection to your inner wisdom through attention to sensation and alignment. Explore your edge, and open your hips and heart! 


Often referred as "Yogic Sleep"  this is a 4000 year old guided mediation technique that leads to a deep and exquisite state of rest where the body and mind can restore and rejuvenate. Yoga Nidra involves a sequence of deeply relaxing restorative postures, followed by guided mediation designed to balance, calm, and repair. The experience moves through the conscious mind into the sub-conscious to affect positive change and healing through deep relaxation, resolve, and meditation.