Kinfolk Yoga is a neighborhood studio.  Our studio was created with you in mind. Our warm, clean studio provides a safe place for you to find community, to heal, and to grow. We have created an inviting studio that is accessible to all with an intimate atmosphere for locals and visitors to unwind. Whether you are a newbie or have practiced for years, we are committed to offering a variety of yoga classes to meet your needs and to provide guidance, encouragement and inspiration along the way. We believe in making yoga an affordable and sustainable method of self care. Our teachers share  a common approach to teaching you: they see you, they hear you, and they encourage you forward without forcing your steps. Located in the heart of Grass Valley with Nevada City/Grass Valley's historic architecture.  Your Community. Your Yoga


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New Students

Familiarize yourself with our studio and class offering by signing up for the Introductory Offer 2 weeks of  Yoga for $25.

New Students Only. No exchanges. No transfers.


"I have been a student at Kinfolk Yoga since it first opened and I always look forward to the classes that I take there each week. One of the things that I most appreciate about Kinfolk's teachers is that they "teach people, not poses" (to borrow a phrase I read on Facebook). They offer guidance to students to enable each to achieve maximum benefit from the practice of yoga, while recognizing, as Osho put it, "Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable." I also find the studio space at Kinfolk to be very conducive for my practice; the translation of the word, "asana," is a "comfortable seat," and I find the historic stone wall and plank woodwork encourage a sense of comfort as students search for their own unique edge between too much and not enough effort. I am very grateful to have the space, teachers, and fellow students at Kinfolk as part of my life."        -Gene Barber