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Womb Sacred Connection with Pilar

Im really excited to share this work with my community. If you have already been attending my yoga classes you already know a little bit about what I share. 

This will be a 2 hr class/workshop where I will be sharing much more about ways on how we can connect with our Womb. 

Do you feel you absorb the moods and energies of people around you? 
Do you find yourself mirroring other people’s emotions or opinions back to them, often without realizing it until you are out of a situation? 
Do you sense that you energetically anchor your family and friends, and does that sometimes become overwhelming?

These are all common experiences for many women. Our social conditioning and domestication (Toltec Teachings) encourages us to structure our identities around our relationships, and our role in other people's lives.

There are also energetic qualities of our feminine energy bodies that impact how we experience and interact in all aspects of our lives. Our energy body is the intermediary between our physical body and our spirit. We both receive and transmit energetic ‘data’ through our energy body. Other people's emotions and thoughts, vibrations from our physical surroundings, and messages or insights from spiritual levels of being, pass through our energy body into our physical self. 

When we connect with our Womb Space, and not just talking about the organ or the space that is for conceiving a child. I'm talking about the space where our Sacral chakra is located. The space where we hold our energy power, we will be able to connect with Who we truly are. 

Being able to show up authentically for ourselves. Knowing what belongs to us and what doesn't. As I personally do this work I have seen the changes in my life. I'm not saying is easy work, because when we are able to connect with ourselves and we are able to start setting boundaries our limiting conditioning would fight against that. 

Come and learn more about this. 
There is no signing up in advance. 
Cost is $20 at the door
The location is at Kinfolk Yoga in Grass Valley. 

Please bring comfy clothes, a journal, and an open heart, yoga mat if you have one, otherwise we have at the studio  ❣️

If you can't afford $20 pay what you can, my work goes beyond an economical gain. Although this is how I make a living I also believe in the power of Giving and Receiving. As a Healer I know that by giving with my Heart I will receive the same in other forms. Spirit always has my back 🙏🏽

Any questions, please contact me

**Workshop is for Women only**

~I know and having been approached by Men that would love to do things like this. I want to let you know that I don't hate you and I don't want to exclude Men from this work. I love Men and I'm honestly contemplating ways on how I can incorporate my work where Men can be part of it.
I know Men also feel shut down, sad, confused, etc.
I feel you and that's why I also want to do my Healing work For Men. I would give more information when the time comes~

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5 -Discipline Practice Module and MogaDao Sifu Certification Program
to Mar 19

5 -Discipline Practice Module and MogaDao Sifu Certification Program

On the Payment for Classes:$0—$200 Sliding Scale.
Please read at the bottom. Due to our system we can not offer the option to select
a sliding scale. You can contact Mandy through the CONTACT page on our website to set up and arrange your sliding scale for the weekend.


MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality/ Sunday/ 5:00pm—6:30pm

This class session introduces and develops the unique philosophy of MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality, which relates sexual energy to personal destiny, and which understands human desire as an essential part of the “code” of the soul and a necessity for health—whether or not one engages in sexual relations. The MogaDao Sexual Qigong Forms are for men, women, and trans- and multiply-gendered persons. These forms tonify (lift) the sexual qi, whether one is interested in sexual relations or just maintaining or rediscovering creative vitality. There are also intimate self-cultivation practices (which are described in great detail, but not enacted), which are extremely helpful for sexual confidence and self-esteem, and comprehensive health. The atmosphere of these classes is inestimably safe, respectful, dignified, and joyous.

On the Payment for Classes:

A Letter to My Students

In January 2017 I became a Daochan monk, a decision that changed every aspect of my life, including my relationship to the economic aspect of teaching. I understood that what I wished in the depths of my heart was to break the timeworn maxim that “you get what you pay for.” That is of course an essentially capitalistic maxim, and it is cold—and what is cold is not eternal. I realized that it might be incumbent on someone such as myself, whose entire life has been devoted to the practices that I teach, such that their value is indisputable, to consciously break the link between money (the price of classes) and value (the precision and profundity of what is offered), in order to liberate spiritual practice from the economic privilege that can afford it. In the world of the spirit, only the unreasonable makes sense. That is why we forgive the unforgivable. That is why we are calm in chaos. That is why we love in the midst of hatred—because it is unreasonable. Likewise, the most rarefied teaching should be available to whomsoever longs for the most rarefied teaching, regardless of their economic means. The laws of common sense—and of business sense—function only so far. Those laws begin to quiver with uncertainty in the realms of the spirit. Therefore I have decided to make all my classes, everywhere, available to everyone, by virtue of a sliding scale beginning at zero. I have founded MogaDao: The Way of Complete Harmony based on the practices that I have created and the ideologies by which I live. Many students have found these practices and ideologies essential for their spiritual path, and for the healing and strengthening of their bodies. But no state supports my “monastery.” I need sustenance and reciprocation, as anyone who lives and breathes. I teach, now, as an act of faith, and as a rite of gratitude. I ask each of you to study with me also as an act of faith, and as a rite of gratitude. Please pay what you can, by which I mean please pay carefully what you can, each time you practice.

~Zhenzan Dao

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