Mandy Lucchese

basics I restorative I kula yoga

I teach because it feels natural.  Being at the front of the room is comfortable because it allows me to create. I am recognized for my love of sequencing and creativity designed within the framework of a class. There is nothing flashy, trendy, or incredibly innovative about it, except that I am constantly present with what I am teaching, constantly looking at my own practice and seeking out what is valuable and potent and offering that out. My teachings may stretch beyond traditional yoga with the influence of other forms I study which inspire me; sculpture, poetry, therapeutic body work, pilates, travel, and so much more. Regardless of what I teach, what style, level, or form, I am always trying it on , questioning, learning what is working, what is skillful, and what can be let go of.  This organic approach to my teaching is accessible and welcoming.  

Mandy is the founder of Kinfolk Yoga Studio in Northern California. She has taught at yoga festivals such as Wanderlust, California Spirit Festival, and Honey Root. She facilitates teacher trainings, teaches workshops and retreats. She has completed teacher trainings in Astanga, Anusara, Restorative and Therapeutics, and Tantric Hatha Yoga. She has a Master's Degree in Art and sculpts life-size figures in clay.  Her life of art touches all aspects of her practice and teaching.

Allie Edison

easy like sunday mornings


My relationship with yoga began on a quest for self healing. My daily practice has strengthened my faith, deepened my connection to Spirit and it has expedited my healing! I share this practice because I know with conviction and certainty that it works! Yoga has transmuted darkness into light, grief into love and fear into faith! 

I create a safe space for playful exploration and inward reflection. My intention is to meet individuals at their comfort level, honoring where each of us are along our paths. 

Bring your whole self to life! 

My classes are inspired by vinyasa, restorative, ayurveda and trauma-informed yoga trainings. I'm also trained in Transcendental Meditation. 

Ashton Szabo

 power vinyasa yoga

I’m a yoga teacher, an educator, a story teller, full blown anatomy geek,  a podcaster and I want to help spread the transformative powers of yoga and self exploration.

Ashton has been studying and practicing yoga for more than twenty years, having first been introduced to yoga when he was twelve years old by his Japanese Ju Jitsu Sensei, Steve Copping. He has taken teacher trainings with Peri Ness (Synergy Yoga), David Goulet (Chakra Yoga), and Leeann Carey (Leeann Carey Yoga), as well having studied with numerous other teachers and guides. He is a 200hr E-RYT through Yoga Alliance, and an LMT (having studied massage for the same two decades).



Brooke Sullivan

 tantric vinyasaI sage apprentice teacher trainings

Brooke (BA,e-ryt500) is a senior teacher of ParaYoga® (a system that embodies Classical Yoga, Ayurveda and Sri Vidya Tantra) and a student of the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy. Her passion is to embody the sacred while having fun! Brooke’s classes focus on energetics, sequencing, sound therapy, breath & powerful tools to shape the mind. Her dedication to yoga and the healing arts is driven by 15 years of experience in the yoga, herbal, midwifery and dance communities. She has a deep desire to understand and connect to the beauty and joy in all life and in people, being inspired and inspiring others with the ancient and mystical wisdom that lights all hearts. Brooke offers private consultations in Yoga Therapy, Herbalism & Energy Healing at HAALo in Nevada City, as well as seasonal Apprenticeships at the California College of Ayurveda  & Kinfolk Yoga.

Brooke Van Buren

rise'n shine


To me, yoga is one of my most sacred and effective practices in self-discovery. The magic of what happens on the mat, in a space of listening and receptivity, is nearly ineffable. It’s my intention to share the inspiration I’ve received from both my personal practice and my teachers with my students. 

I teach a grounded yet playful alignment based vinyasa, encouraging students to practice tapped into the fountain of love that dwells within the space of the heart.  

All levels of practioner will benefit from this class, as modifications are offered to suit individual needs.


Dan Margoson

rise'n shine

 After so many years of living an unhealthy lifestyle I decided a major change was in order and I reached for that change.  In October 2010 I walked into Yo'Garage, a studio in North San Juan, and my life changed forever. I didn't know what yoga was but I felt profoundly better after the first time on my mat. After a few weeks of yoga lessons the physical change was remarkable. What I never expected however, was the emotional change I felt. Beyond the physical activity I was much more content. I was without being conscious of it, being drawn towards better life decisions that included not only myself but my family and community as well.

In 2012 I attended a New Year's Retreat at The Mount Madonna Center. I saw a very spiritual, inclusive, loving side of Astanga yoga. I enrolled and completed a 200 hour training that summer.

In October 2014 I  completed a 230 teaching certificate in Tantric Hatha yoga under the guidance of Kelly Golden of Vira Bhava yoga. Part of that extensive training lead me through a community outreach named, "The Karma Yoga Project". I faced many personal fears that first day of our self chosen project when we walked into a local care and rehabilitation facility to teach chair yoga. Now I beam with pride when I think and speak of my chair yoga classes - I continued the program on my own and it thrives to this very day and always leaves me feeling like a better yoga teacher and a well rounded person.  In May 2015 I completed  a specialized yoga teacher training for trauma survivors with a local yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and CMT Skylar Meyers and added another direction to my practice and teaching.
While I strongly believe in and teach proper breath, posture, alignment, safety and tradition, I am excited and considerate of the personal potential and direction of all people both on and off the mat. I strive to make a first experience fulfilling and leading to more. As well,  I will happily accommodate those seeking more challenge.

Ericardo Baldonado

kaula tantra

Ericardo Baldonado has been a student and teacher of Traditional Tantra at the Shri Kali Ashram for 7 years where he gives Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Vyayama classes and hold Stasung (lectures) for students attending their Teacher Training programs. He is registered as an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance.

"Through teaching, I hope to share my experience of a Tantra system that is based in the principle of freedom. When I guide a class, I just want students to learn how to drop any stress or complications so they can be their real self and enjoy cultivating their overall health. There is no need for competition in Yoga, must honor self as a wholesome being and see others as an equal in support of their best. As my teacher points out, Yoga is a process, not a quick fix. The doctrines of Tantra (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha) teaches an individual how to express from their inherent nature of love (kama), allowing one to see the world full of meaning, purpose and build positive relations."

Holly Baade

journeyoga/ shamanic journey drumming meditation

Power is not found by forcing ourselves, but rather by finding our Self. If you want to improve the state of your being, and the state of the world, you’ve got to go on a Journey. A pilgrimage to the center of your soul, where awaits your total empowerment and joyful enlightenment. Holly is your guide. She is spirit-initiated shaman and founder of The Joyful Warrior International Shaman School and Shaman Song Studio & Sanctuary in Grass Valley. With haunting medicine chants and sweet invocations, Holly takes up her drum to open a portal to where spirit, lives. Through sacred story and spiritual allegory, she paints a picture of the Soul’s Journey in the Shaman’s Territory. Holly has completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea's Samudra Global School of Yoga and has presented JourneYoga and Shamanic Savasana at Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, Arise and The California Spirit Festival. She is a Masterful Spirit Guide and Shamanic Spell-Caster who Holds Light and teaches how to Live with Spirit & Bring Love to Life. She is a joyful new member of the Kinfolk clan and a dedicated student of yoga as a lifestyle.

Find out more about holly at 

Jaya Kundalini

yoga brunch/ yoga for your womb (november 2017)

Inspired deeply by Tibetan dream yoga, dance and kundalini, Jaya creates unique vinyasa flows focusing on spinal alignment, hip opening and womb clearing, with a touch of mantra, mudra and meditation. Jaya believes that gently pushing towards the edges of one's physical limits parallels with a limitless mind; encouraging her students to find this 'edge' by consciously feeling the subtleties of the body as well as listening to the quite yet powerful voice of the breath. Jaya believes her imagination is her greatest gift and her favorite part of yoga is translating this imagination into creative movements. She strives to hold space for her students to express their own imagination through free-flowing movements while simultaneously providing in-depth, postural alignment cues to tap into the deep-healing benefits of even the most simple asana.

Jemma Champeau

mindful vinyasa

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” – anon

Jemma is passionate about sharing her love of the healing power of Yoga. As a professional dancer with an eclectic performance career spanning a decade, Jemma studied and performed all over the world.  From her love of dance and movement and the feelings of connection and unity she felt through movement, came a fascination with the mind, body and soul connection.  This has led to intense self-study and formal training in Pilates, Yoga, Manual Therapy, Energy Healing and Counselling.

Jemma (RYT 200) is a qualified Transpersonal Counselor, a certified Pilates teacher and Reiki Master level practitioner.

With such a varied and colorful background Jemma’s teaching style is rich in love, compassion and gentleness. Her classes are in the style of a flowing Vinyasa with a more deliberate pace so there is much time for inward focus and having a deep experience of the breath.  She infuses restorative and Yin poses along with chanting, mudra and pranayama for a holistic and expansive class experience.

Jemma feels blessed and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to share her love of Yoga with Kinfolk.


Jody Brown


When I was a young girl, what brought me the most joy was making others feel good by bringing out their best.  The same holds true for me today.  It is my passion, my purpose, and the reason I teach yoga. 

My path to Yoga included getting a degree in psychology, owning a personal training business, and teaching competitive all-star cheer leading.  Each of these experiences steppingstones to where I am today.  Now teaching yoga for over 10 years, mine is a continually evolving journey toward the spiritual yoga teacher I aspire to be.

I have been in “fitness” as a career for more than 25 years.  I spent many of those years pushing myself and not listening to my body.  As a result I have many injuries today that remind me to be aware, that less can be more, and to seek the balance between effort and ease in all that I do.  Because I know what it’s like to live with a tight, injured body, I know how to teach you to modify, care for and honor yourself through your own Yoga practice.

A student of Kia Miller at Yoga West in Santa Monica, Ca. my teachings carry the influences of Astonga, Iyengar, Vinyassa and Restorative.  Accreditations include a 500-hour Vinyassa RYT certification and a 60-hour restorative training by Judith Hansen Lassiter.  My passion is Kundalini (as taught by Yogi Bhajan).  Under the instruction of Guru Singh and Krishna Kaur (both direct descendants of Yogi Bhajan) I have a 230-hour level I Kundalini certification and two level II Kundalini module certificates. 

My dharma is to be a light, to uplift and elevate others to their highest radiant authentic self.  Come experience my passion for teaching and inspiring.  Let me help strengthen your body, open your heart and restore your flow of life energy so that your light can shine!

Julie Franklin

flow yoga

I discovered yoga when I was 18 and it was the beginning of a lifetime love affair. Growing, changing, learning and deepening; it is a friend I have relied on my whole adult life. Different times in my life have drawn me to different kinds yoga from a teacher training in anusara style, to exploring kundalini,  to a powerful vinyasa, to dabbling in bikram, and more. My most intensive study was my trip to India where I lived in an ashram and all I did was mediate and do yoga for a 5 month stay. Every different teacher and class has been a gift to me. Even classes I did not necessarily 'enjoy' offered me insight to myself and my yoga teaching. 

 I offer an energetic depth to my flow class. Classes are infused with knowledge from my private practice of the acupressure meredians and the Craniosacral system. I believe residing in our true heart is the key to a fulfilling life. My intention as a teacher is to help my students open the channels to discover and bring forth what deep treasures reside in their heart. Playfulness, balance and depth are important to me in my lifeand as a yoga teacher.

Mallory MacInnis

 yoga brunch

From my very first yoga experience 10 years ago, I knew there was something incredibly meaningful behind this practice. Diving deeper into the true meaning of yoga, I learned to listen to the ancient wisdom of my body and to trust in my ability to heal myself. The biggest lesson yoga has taught me is the importance of breath and rememberance of that connection during the real yoga, which I believe takes place off the mat. Yoga is always there, no matter where I go or what I do. It is the undercurrent that guides all that I do in my life. 

     I completed my 200hr RYT in Vinyasa Yoga at Aurafitness in Taos, New Mexico with teachers; Aura Garver and Ashleigh Beyer in May 2016. I teach because it fills my heart, it informs my life and most importantly it teaches me about connection and communication. I love how my practice and my teaching grows and evolves together along with the flow of seasons and life circumstances. My classes are vinyasa flow classes focused firstly on the breath and from that foundation I encourage students to dive deep inside and take hold of their own inner strength that lies within each of us. My teaching is inspired by life, and all the waves we must ride. High or low, we get on our mats and tune into ourselves, because from that place is where the healing begins. 

Pilar Mejia

alignment yoga

Practicing Yoga is BEYOND coming into a pretzel with your body, is all about learning who YOU are, connecting with your body and BEING YOURSELF! Pilar

Yoga is learning to come back to yourself. It’s finding your limits, expanding your boundaries and being able to relax truly into who you are. It’s taking the time to remember who you are, but have forgotten while being caught up in the whirlwind of a fast-paced life. On a Physical level, being off balance causes Disease in your body. Yoga helps you to feel harmonious, integrated and complete;

I believe the physical asanas increase the flow of subtle energies, as you learn to connect your mind, body & spirit. As you free up the body, you free up the mind. Flexibility in the body promotes mental flexibility, and this brings a sense of ease and peace to life. When you approach life from a more peaceful and relaxed state, you can deal with the challenges with a more focused and calm state of mind.

Learn and refine key actions for a safe and effective yoga practice. Uniting innate intuition with the modern science of biomechanics empowers potent transformation and healing. This Gentle Power class will focus on what your mind, body, and heart need to master your strength, refine your sensitivity and increase your capacity to enjoy life.

I obtained my Yoga Certification in 2005. I have attended different Yoga trainings & immersions, but after 15 years of practice I love sharing my “version” of yoga; I love opening the space for people so they can go within and learn more about themselves, their body, their mind, their breath so that they can connect with every cell of their body. Because Yoga changed my life, and I want to share that with people. I don’t teach the regular “Yoga,” I don’t even consider myself “A Teacher” I am nobody’s teacher, we all gather to learn from each other.

You can learn more about my passions &  healing work

Tal Greenstein

hatha yoga

As far as I remember myself I was involved in some kind of physical activity. This inherent interest
in the human body led me to studying physical Education for my BA (Israel,1996).  After teaching many different classes I decided to cross the ocean and landed in NYC, where I continued to study for my Masters in Exercise science and personally trained for 6 years. About then (around 2002) I realized that I'm longing for something deeper. India opened a new door to my life and with that yoga!
I came to Californi a 2 years a gowith my husband and 3 kids after living 6 years in an alternative community in Costa Rica, which was all about transformation. There I taught yoga as another tool to discover the gross and subtle movements in our body/mind/spirit and through that transform.

What I love about yoga is that it’s ageless, endless and full of possibilities. It is a healing journey which keeps unfolding and revealing more and more...

Tia Iwasaki

My journey with yoga began, initially, as a way to loosen my ever stiffening body.  However, as my journey began to unfold I realized that asana was an invitation for me to venture inwards and begin cultivating a relationship with Self, through mind, body, soul integration and communication. Now yoga and meditation is an essential part of my daily self-care and well being.  

 Since stepping onto my mat, 8 years ago, my personal growth and expansion has been exponential as I humbly uncover layers to Self. Last summer I furthered my practice and studies by completing my 200hr RYT training with Brad Hay in Denver, Colorado.   I am grateFull to have yoga and Ayurveda as a resource and tool to help me better navigate this life experience.

Tracy Lease

yoga fusion

I practice yoga for the sheer joy of moving in my body, of tuning into my breath, of feeling more connected with myself.  I practice yoga to feel more in touch with the natural world and to build patience and compassion. I practice yoga to stay in touch with that child who would spin across the lawn laughing. I practice yoga to unfold into my healthiest, most integrated self.

I practiced yoga first as a child—cartwheeling across lawns, balancing on furniture and celebrating life in my body. As an adult, I trained with Iyengar and Anusara teachers and have practiced Ashtanga, Yin, and restorative yoga. I have since branched out, studying Qi Gong, becoming a certified Pilates teacher, and practicing Vipasana meditation. Each practice has enhanced my understanding of myself and my yoga teaching.

I am a teacher at heart— and love the art of teaching—I have taught school at every level—Kindergarten through college, everything from creative writing to setting up a school garden. I have done yoga with first graders, middle schoolers and college students. This teaching experience strengthens my yoga instruction. I offer a fusion of the movement and meditation practices I have studied. Qi Gong and Pilates are fused into the asana practice as we reflect on the Yamas and Niyamas or other aspects ofyoga philosophy, and learn different avenues into moving meditation. I assist students in discovering optimal alignment and feeling into their own anatomy so they can practice yoga safely. I try to teach to each student in the room, watching them closely and addressing individual learning styles.


Trudy Collings

rise n shine I gentle

As a yoga teacher, my intention is to create a space where students can return back to the physical body in order to cultivate peace and awareness in both their inner and outer worlds. In my life, yoga has been a positive driving force and I hope to share this energy with others.

My classes are uplifting, down to earth, gentle yet strong and creatively inspired by the seasonal rhythms of nature. I have been trained in: hatha & vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, Ayurveda and Sri Vidya Tantra. I am passionate about working with yogis in all levels of their practice but particularly enjoy working with beginners & seniors.

Yoga began to become an important aspect of my life five years ago while living in San Francisco. Since then, I have completed trainings at Yoga Tree of San Francisco, Sivananda Yoga Farm and I am currently completing my 500 hour advanced teacher training through Vira Bhava Yoga. 

I am forever grateful to my guides lighting the way: Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevandna, Swami Sitaramananda, Mandy Lucchese, Kelly Golden, Annie Hopper, Chrisandra Fox Walker, Pete Guinosso and Dina Amsterdam.


Tutku Tezveren

fire flow/ vichara yoga / studio manager

I believe Yoga is the very bridge that connects our mind’s highest truth to our soul's deepest integrity.

The practice of Yoga is to get acquainted with our deepest wisdom with the tools of the sages, through everyday human challenges in order to transform into free, equanimous, compassionate beings…

My devotion to the path of Yoga began about a decade ago, in my home country, Turkey. Hearing the calling of deep need to heal my unresolved depression and as a consequence, a herniated disk on my lower spine guided me to delve into practices that were more physical and tangible. They benefited my body so much, but I wanted more than just that. Feeling within the transformative power of Asana (posture), I began to delve deeper into the Pranic (energetic) aspects of Yoga and since then consistently have been practicing yoga and meditation. I have begun to see through breath and focus, cultivation of life force can repair our bodies and souls beyond limits and transcend into freedom, peace and wisdom. 

With Honor and Homage to my ultimate teacher Krishnamacharya and All my guides and teachers, I have studied and completed certified trainings under Classical Hatha Yoga, Traditional Astanga Yoga (Mysore Style), and Intensives in Traditional Iyengar Yoga, basic Ayurveda in the Himalayas, Northern India.

I have completed trainings under Tantric Hatha Yoga  and still am a devoted practitioner and currently a student of Sage Apprenticeship program, a system that embodies Lineage of Sri Vidya Tantra & Para Yoga (which weaves Ayurveda, Tantra, Classical Hatha Yoga) with my dear teacher Brooke Sullivan in California which a lot of my teachings currently are inspired from.

Zion Guinn


Zion Guinntook up a regular yoga practice to alleviate physical pain in the body, and the journey of self discovery of the mind body connection began.  He delivers a deep presence to yoga that comes from the heart.   Zion's passion for yoga began with the self awakening practices of hatha, and several forms of yoga which has led to a fusion of styles in his teaching.  These practices created a journey that led to teaching yoga as a way to give back to others the gift of feeling balanced physically and mentally.   Zion appreciates and values all forms of yoga, but is most influenced by Anusara, Kundalini, and Para yoga with deep appreciation of tantric hatha and yin practices.  His classes are spontaneous, fun, challenging, and focused on individual attention for each body and skill level. His passion for transformation keeps the classes interesting and evolving seasonally.   Bringing yoga to your everyday life is essential to his philosophy, and living mindfully through all of our actions for greater ease in life's challenges.   RYT-200