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Womb Sacred Connection with Pilar

Im really excited to share this work with my community. If you have already been attending my yoga classes you already know a little bit about what I share. 

This will be a 2 hr class/workshop where I will be sharing much more about ways on how we can connect with our Womb. 

Do you feel you absorb the moods and energies of people around you? 
Do you find yourself mirroring other people’s emotions or opinions back to them, often without realizing it until you are out of a situation? 
Do you sense that you energetically anchor your family and friends, and does that sometimes become overwhelming?

These are all common experiences for many women. Our social conditioning and domestication (Toltec Teachings) encourages us to structure our identities around our relationships, and our role in other people's lives.

There are also energetic qualities of our feminine energy bodies that impact how we experience and interact in all aspects of our lives. Our energy body is the intermediary between our physical body and our spirit. We both receive and transmit energetic ‘data’ through our energy body. Other people's emotions and thoughts, vibrations from our physical surroundings, and messages or insights from spiritual levels of being, pass through our energy body into our physical self. 

When we connect with our Womb Space, and not just talking about the organ or the space that is for conceiving a child. I'm talking about the space where our Sacral chakra is located. The space where we hold our energy power, we will be able to connect with Who we truly are. 

Being able to show up authentically for ourselves. Knowing what belongs to us and what doesn't. As I personally do this work I have seen the changes in my life. I'm not saying is easy work, because when we are able to connect with ourselves and we are able to start setting boundaries our limiting conditioning would fight against that. 

Come and learn more about this. 
There is no signing up in advance. 
Cost is $20 at the door
The location is at Kinfolk Yoga in Grass Valley. 

Please bring comfy clothes, a journal, and an open heart, yoga mat if you have one, otherwise we have at the studio  ❣️

If you can't afford $20 pay what you can, my work goes beyond an economical gain. Although this is how I make a living I also believe in the power of Giving and Receiving. As a Healer I know that by giving with my Heart I will receive the same in other forms. Spirit always has my back 🙏🏽

Any questions, please contact me

**Workshop is for Women only**

~I know and having been approached by Men that would love to do things like this. I want to let you know that I don't hate you and I don't want to exclude Men from this work. I love Men and I'm honestly contemplating ways on how I can incorporate my work where Men can be part of it.
I know Men also feel shut down, sad, confused, etc.
I feel you and that's why I also want to do my Healing work For Men. I would give more information when the time comes~

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