Our Values

Whoever you are, we hope that you will feel so welcome at Kinfolk Yoga. We strive to create a space that is safe and comfortable for everyone who walks in the door. Our building contain unisex/all gender single-stall bathrooms. We do not see yoga as one size fits all and strive to support the yoga that is authentically yours.  We  hope that yoga has a long shelf  life, meaning we hope to facilitate a practice that nourishes and supports you  rather than fast and quick burn out of your nervous system. The language that we employ strives to remain free from body shaming or health shaming. 

Kinfolk Yoga is your neighborhood yoga studio. We are here for the people and have a non-competitive atmosphere. The natural beauty of Nevada County combined with a rich history and strong sense of community, make a special place to live and to practice. We understand the value of good health, so we offer a variety of options to improve your quality of life. Kinfolk is a locally women OM'd business.

Our Story

Kinfolk was birthed from a previous studio to foster an ongoing desire for creativity, community, and self discovery. The mission of Kinfolk Yoga is to create a nurturing and welcoming studio for people to gather and practice mindfulness. Rooted in community values, we are here for the people, the connection and support of our locals, and the awareness of living balanced through an aligned body. Kinfolk yoga is a community space that is welcoming to every body. Kinfolk Yoga is located in Grass Valley, California. Our studio is inside the historic Alpha Building in the historic district of Grass Valley. Exposed rock walls, rough sawn beams, and natural wood floors from the 1860s add to the unique character of the building. Folks comment that they feel safe and held within these earthen walls. Kinfolk Yoga-where kindred spirits dwell.