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Explore Your Spirit

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Explore Your Spirit Workshop

Taught by: Errin Hurtado

Purpose |

Finding strengths or congestions within the Nadis (energy channels). Tapping into your inner child. Letting go and creating a positive frequency. Using the act of drawing and coloring for this process.

Guided Meditation.

Explanation- Every person will get a blank booklet to color/draw and to journal with, that will be hand made by me. Mediums will be provided.

What are chakras?

In a short general form, Chakras are energy vortex’s that are located in and out of our physical body. There are many different variations and explanations of chakras from tribes all over the world. The most known chakra system used in the Western culture is that of the Hindis. Each chakra has different components with different roles that vary within our physical body.

Note: We are creating art in this workshop. Chakra element focused upon in workshop is color.

Using color and mediums (watercolors, pastels, color pencils, crayons) to understand the emotional state of our being at the present moment.

Earlier Event: September 29
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